Chair of IT Security (PS)


The chair offers a regular curriculum of lectures and seminars. We teach "Resilient Networking" in the Winter Term, and "Privacy Enhancing Technologies", as well as the "Stammodul Sicherheit" in the Summer Term. We also offer the seminar on privacy enhancing technologies during every term.


Summer Term

Lecture Privacy Enhancing Technologies (englisch)
Lecture Stammodul Sicherheit (with Müller-Quade)
Seminar Technischer Datenschutz
Seminar Quantum-Sicherheit (with Müller-Quade)
Lab Course Pentest Lab (with Wresnegger)
Lab Course Cryptanalyse (with Müller-Quade)


Winter Term

Lecture Resilient Networking (englisch)
Seminar Privacy Enancing Technologies