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We work on all aspects of technical data protection and network and IT security. We are primarily interested in privacy, i.e. the protection of individuals against the misuse of their data.

Over the past decades, digital technologies have developed rapidly. The advent of digital transformation and the interconnectivity of all areas of life opens up a wealth of new possibilities. Autonomous networked vehicles, cloud computing, industry 4.0, virtual reality with haptic feedback, online banking or social networks are just a few keywords that are changing the way and quality of life. However, this development also brings with it a number of challenges that people often do not immediately grasp, but which may well conflict with their interests.

Our research group is engaged in the development and analysis of security concepts that protect from all types of potential attackers on such systems. We are also interested in the development of technologies that promote data protection in order to protect privacy in the digital world. Finally, we develop protocols and algorithms to secure the underlying infrastructures for communication and computation.

We are part of KASTEL - Research for more security.

Head of Group Prof. Dr. Strufe


Invited Talk Dr. Dantcheva

On July 18, Dr. Antitza Dantcheva (INRIA) will give a talk entitled 'Generation and Detection of Deepfakes'. The talk will take place at KIT in building 50.34, room 236 at 15:45.

Pre-registration is requested, and we also welcome participants to wear a medical mask.

The talk will also be streamed via BBB. An access code will be provided upon registration if needed.

While highly intriguing, video generation has thrusted upon us the imminent danger of deepfakes, which can offer unprecedented levels of increasingly realistic manipulated videos. Deepfakes pose an imminent security threat to us all, and to date, deepfakes are able to mislead face recognition systems, as well as humans. Therefore, we design generation and detection methods in parallel.

About the speaker
Tutorial at ESWEEK '22

Thorsten Strufe will give a tutorial on 'Privacy of Behavioral Data' at this year's EMBEDDED SYSTEMS WEEK on October 9.

ESWEEK will take place in Shanghai and hybrid.



More about ESWEEK
Talk in Darmstadt

On June 30, Thorsten Strufe will give a talk at the OpenS3 Lab's workshop 'Emerging Challenges in Cybersecurity and Privacy' entitled 'You better act normal! Ubiquitous electronic observation: Threats and Attempted Solutions.' More information about the program can be found via the link below.

With this presentation he is also represented at the Honda Research Colloquium on Security and Privacy in Frankfurt (June 15) and the Heinz Nixdorf Symposium in Paderborn (Sept. 15).




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