• Contact:

    Thorsten Strufe

  • Funding:


  • Partner:

    German Partners

    • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe
    • Urban Software Institute GmbH, Chemnitz

    French Partners

    • EURECOM, Biot
    • SAP France, Mougins

About Propolis

Propolis is a project that focuses on privacy in so-called smart cities. There are several areas that need to be considered, such as the energy sector, risk prevention in public spaces and traffic monitoring. On the last point, traffic monitoring, our colleagues Patricia Guerra Balboa and Alex Miranda Pascual are researching. Their goal is to develop privacy notions and mechanisms that make it possible to document human trajectories without violating the privacy of users.

Thorsten Strufe is project coordinator in this cooperative between science and the private sector.