Anonymus Communication

diagram Christoph Coijanovic
Diagram: Using anonymous unicast to send an anonymous anycast message
Anonymus communication —
Researchers Christiane Kuhn and Christoph Coijanovic (PhD Students)
  • Privacy is integral for societal progress
  • Especially important: privacy in online communications (freedom of speech, profiling, etc.)
  • Even if encryption ensures confidentiality, <i>metadata</i> reveals valuable information:
    • Who communicates with whom?
    • How often are people communicating?
  • Privacy protection goals are usually informal and prone to misunderstanding
  • Formalization of privacy goals enables a clearer understanding of which information is (not) hidden
  • Analysis and improvement of existing privacy-focused communication protocols (e.g., Signal, Tor)
  • Adapting existing anonymous communication protocols to support group communication
  • Formalize privacy goals through indistinguishability games
  • Investigate the relation between different goals
  • Use formalized goals to prove privacy protection of existing and future protocols
  • Use generated knowledge to improve ACNs
  • Scalable group communication with strong privacy protection
  • Extension of provable privacy to different protocol classes
    • Proximity-tracing
    • Payment systems
    • Group membership management

Publications on this topic

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