Net Security

Agile & Adaptive Network Security for Edge Cloud Networks — Researcher Amr Osman (PhD Student)


  • Future-generation networks are increasingly expanding to include untrusted edge devices. Thus, the security parameter is dynamically changing. How can we adapt the network isolation & security mechanisms in real-time with minimal impact on utility and performance?
  • Current network attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) have shifted from automated attacks to highly-targeted multi-stage attacks with adaptive strategies and stealthy lateral movements that originate internally. How can we perform defense-in-depth, localize and isolate such attackers?


  • Smart home and IoT networks
  • Microservice networks in edge clouds


  • Leveraging softwarized networks and programmable networking to reduce the attack surface, and analyze network security metrics.
  • Develop new approaches to approximate the origins and targets of stealthy polymorphic attacks that evade traditional IPS/IDS.


  • Develop & Improve zero-trust networking strategies and their incremental deployment.
  • Develop dynamic end-to-end segmentation across multiple administrative domains in a way that is transparent to end devices.
smartphonesegment Amr Osman
Smarthome Network Microsegmentation
architecture Amr Osman
Mitigating Stealthy Network Attacks

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